Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet is co-extruded with the protective layer of UV on one or two sides, which makes the sheet have excellent aging resistance and outstanding impact resistance so as to be widely used in the architecture industry.





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Product Details

Product Details

PC(polycarbonate)solid sheet be known as unbreakable glass,it is a kind of engineering plastic sheet with excellent integrated capacity.It features very strong impact resistance,high light transmission,good weather resistance,flame resistance,anti-ultraviolet radiation(Just for those sheet co-extruded with UV layer),easy installation and durability etc.Now PC solid sheet has became very good and safe substitute of glass.It is widely applied in daylighting for shopping mall,mansion,hospital etc.,building decoration for passage,swimming pool,recreation ground etc., protection for bank,jewelry firms,and displayed valuables etc.,and road signs,bill-boards on lamp boxes,telephone booth,bus stops etc. PC solid sheet include pc embossed sheet and pc frosted sheet!

Fangsu can make special function sheets such as diffusion sheet, anti static sheet, anti scratch sheet,frosted sheet etc.


  • High light transmission
    Light transmission of clear polycarbonate reaches 89%. polycarbonate sheet are often used in greenhouse not only for sufficient sunlight, but also blocking out harmful UV radiation.
  • High impact strength
    Impact strength of polycarbonate sheet is 250 times as much as the size of tempered glass. This superiority makes it an optimum material for protecting greenhouse from hail and stones.
  • Saving energy
    Polycarbonate sheet construction optimizes thermal insulation. In hot summer or cold winter, the ambient temperature below polycarbonate sheets will not intensively change and keep a relative stable state.
  • UV protection
    Coextruded UV layer can absorb 98% UV rays, reducing UV damage to people, plants, organics and polymers. The UV protective layer is 50um in thickness, which veritably blocks UV rays out and create a safe environment.
  • Sound insulation
    polycarbonate sheet are premier sound-proofing material for highways throughout the world. The capability of sound insulation is determined by hardness, weight and physical structure. For example,polycarbonate sheet reduce the sound intensity about 19 db to its maximum extent.


1) Roofing light sheet and sunshade for office building, department store, hotel, stadium, school, amusement center, hospital, ect.
2) Skylight, lighting for corridors, balcony, passages and subway entries, walkways.
3) Do-It-Yourself (DIY), awning, canopy.
4) Advertising lamp boxes, sign board.
6) Anti-riot shield, bullet resistant material, Bank ATMs.
7) Conservatories, agricultural greenhouses, zoos, botanical gardens.
8) Industrial Roofing and Glazing
9) Swimming Pools roofing/cover/sheet


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