Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

Clear Twinwall Sheets have an high light transmssion, blocks virtually all UV radiation, is easy to handle and has a high performance fire rating.






blue, brown, clear, green, lake-blue, opal


1.22m, 2.1m, customized


11.8m, 5.8m, 6m, customized





Product Details

Product Details

The twin-wall Polycarbonate Sheet is an extruded multi-wall polymer product that can be used for skylight roofing and other applications. They are built by a series of vertical polycarbonate sheets that are divided and sandwiched together side by side producing a twin layer.




  • Lightweight: Just 1/8 the weight of glass and much lighter than solid panels
  • Highly Flexible: Twinwall plastic panels can be cold formed to many bending radii and can be fabricated on site to precise dimensions.
  • Virtually Unbreakable: Able to stand extreme abuse, its impact strength is 200 times greater than glass and 10 times greater than acrylic. Superior structural durability, and impact resistance.
  • Saves Energy: The Twinwall construction gives excellent thermal insulating values while blocking UV transmission and weather. Twinwall plastic sheeting has excellent insulation properties.
  • Home Improvement: For easy do-it-yourself projects like window replacements, shower enclosures, greenhouses, partitions, light covers, patio covers, carports, windbreaks and even chicken coops. Easy to handle and install with a high fire performance rating.
  • Horticultural: For greenhouse coverings where good thermal insulation is necessary together with high light transmission.
  • Architectural Glazing: Can be cold-formed, offering architects design freedom on site.
  • Twinwall panels are self-supporting and do not require extensive structural support.




  • Architectural roofing and glazing
  • Skylights and sidelights
  • Displays, signage and decorations
  • Industrial roofing and glazing
  • DIY
  • Covered swimming pools
  • Agricultural greenhouses

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